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Laura Nupponen

New! Digital Radiographs: up to 90% less radiation exposure to you than with a standard X-ray.

Light-cured laser technology: creates longer-lasting restorations.

Before & After photo imagery: Watch your smile change right before your eyes.

Metal free restorations: gorgeous white tooth-colored restorations.

Tooth Implants: an innovative way to replace missing teeth.

Intraoral photography: allows the patient to see first hand what the doctor sees in your mouth.

Invisible bioesthetic partial dentures: an alternative to partials with bulky metal clasps.

Dentures that fit! We do bite analysis with many difficult cases.

Non-surgical gum disease therapy: 80% of people in the USA have gum disease which often goes unrecognized or untreated. Recent scientific studies have linked this condition to many chronic diseases.

White restorations, crowns, and onlays: stronger, prettier, and healthier than amalgam fillings.

Special procedures for chemically sensitive patients. We offer hair and blood serum analysis to determine the best dental materials for you and your health.

Ozone Therapy: kills unhealthy bacteria, fights gum disease, and eases dental root sensitivity. This treatment is offered at your regular hygiene visit.

Anti-Snoring and Sleep Apnea Appliances: a comfortable appliance that opens the airway, enabling effortless breathing and resulting in a peaceful and healthy night's sleep for you and your loved ones.

We care! We treat every patient the way we would treat our own family members, with compassion, respect, and the best possible care.


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