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207 Market Street, Halifax, PA 17032

717-896-3911, 800-929-2844

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Dr. Pentti J. Nupponen provides high-quality general dentistry services to patients of all ages at Halifax Family Dentistry, a paradoxical blend of old-fashioned caring and modern methods. Our office is near the banks of the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania just north of Harrisburg on Route 147, at 207 Market Street, Halifax, PA 17032. Free parking is available along the street.  New patients are always welcome.

Although we are primarily concerned with the health aspects of dentistry, we are also very concerned with dental esthetics. Dental treatments should be healthy, painless, and attractive. Beauty is an undeniable factor in our culture. All things being equal, the beautiful people are more likely to get the date, the job, or the promotion. Your smile is your most effective beauty treatment. We can help you make the most of it.

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Halifax Dentistry, LLC
Pentti J. Nupponen, DMD, MAGD, FIND, CNC, FIAOMT
717-896-3911, 800-929-2844, www.drnupe.com


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